Changes to first aid assessments

The assessments for our accredited workplace first aid courses are split into two parts – a practical part (such as demonstrating CPR, bandaging, and placing a casualty in the recovery position) and a theory part which is written.

Since the beginning of August 2018, the theory element has changed from open response workbooks to multiple-choice test questions.

There are positives and negatives with any assessment method but our trainers will ensure that the process is clear and fair. When booking a first aid course, our admin team will be able to provide further details, including sources of support for anyone that requests it.

Feedback from our first few courses in the new format has been positive. We will continue to monitor the training and seek feedback from each course.

Information about assessments and support can be found in the download section of our training website, at the foot of every page.

Direct links to the relevant documents are below.

Reasonable adjustments policy

Prerequisites for accredited training